For the people of Enagron hygiene and cleanliness are the most important factors to ensure your travel safety. Especially as we are heading toward the decline of new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and prepare to open and welcome our guests, we have decided to take action and reinforce even more strictly measures to deliver the best guest experience in a clean, beautiful and comfortable environment. We are totally committed to implement and maintain the highest international standards of cleanliness and hygiene to protect our guests and personnel and eliminate every health hazard. We want our facilities not only to be tidy but also to be clean and hygienic. Therefore, in compliance with the official authorities like the (WHO) World Health Organization, the (ECDC) European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, the (EODY) National (Greek) Public Health Organization, (EFET) Hellenic Food Authority and the Hellenic (Greek) Ministry of Tourism we are committed to adopt new standards, norms and behaviors to enhance safety and minimize risks for our guest and employees.

In this direction we have:

Established new cleanliness standards and protocols

  • We are adapting all our cleaning and disinfect processes with more rigorous up-to-date protocols. Housekeeping service is becoming more meticulous and detailed. We are focusing on all high touch areas to guarantee deep cleaning.  
  • We have implemented and maintaining (since 2014) a Food Safety Management System ISO22000 certified by DQS HELLAS for the preparation and serving of food in the hotel premises.
  • We are adapting our Food Safety Management System ISO22000 to the updated guidelines of EFET Hellenic Food Authority for preparation and serving. 
  • We are making our quality control inspections more rigorous.
  • We have applied and preparing to be certified over the next month by TUV Hellas with Covid Shield a “Covershield Culture Certification”. Please follow the announcements in our website and social media concerning the results of the assessment and the certification of Enagron.

Training & Motivation

  • We are training and motivate our staff to strictly implement and enforce all official hygiene measures and recommendations in their daily routine.

New Equipment & enhanced technology

  • We are modifying our cleaning equipment with new enhanced technologies over the next months, including professional steam cleaners and (from August) electrostatic sprayer that allows us to clean, sanitize and disinfect large outdoor or indoor surfaces hard to reach with traditional methods of cleaning.
  • The sprayer can rapidly clean and disinfect guest rooms, lobbies, spa, restaurants and other public areas with the highest classification of disinfectants.


  • We have initiated contactless and safe check-in and check-out to our guests.
  • We provide necessary personal protection equipment to all our guests and employees.
  • We have detected all high-touch areas and have made a daily protocol of frequent deep cleaning of all surfaces.
  • Hand sanitizers and facial tissues will be in all common areas.
  • Check-Out and Check-in time has changed due to the new rules of Greek Public Health Authorities to increase the available time space that the rooms are cleaned and disinfected between departures and arrivals. New check-out time is until 11:00 am and Check-in time from 15:00 pm onwards. In any case we implement a program of room allocation to avoid giving apartments at the same day they were emptied. 


  • Cleanliness protocols have changed to become more rigorous and focus on deep cleaning of all high touch areas such as switches and electronic controls, handles & knobs, major bathroom surfaces, climate control panels, bed & bedding, bath amenities, hard surfaces and closet goods.
  • We have established a routine of deep steam cleaning of all mattresses, pillows, sofas, curtains, carpets and fabrics within rooms.
  • We have increased the deployment of antibacterial hand sanitizers.
  • Greek public health authorities strongly recommend avoid room cleaning service during guests’ stay. We have launched on-request room cleaning service that can be used freely every two days.


  • Breakfast buffet will be replaced by a set breakfast that will change every day. We want to keep the same high quality of breakfast experience and want our guests to be able to acknowledge that.
  • We have trained all the people who work at the restaurant with the new instructions of the EFET Hellenic Food Authority and supply them with the appropriate personal protective equipment like masks, gloves etc.
  • We have reshaped the layout of our restaurant to keep the appropriate distances (2m) between the tables in order to be in line with the instructions of Hellenic Food Authority
  • We have initiated room-service for in-room dining facilities

Swimming Pool

  • All the precautionary measures are going to be taken to keep you safe in the swimming pool with continuous analysis of the quality of the water and restrictions of the number of people that can swim at the same time.
  • All the precautionary necessary measures are going to be taken for the disinfection and the safe use the public space around the swimming pool as well as the use of the beach chairs.


  • We have trained our massager to the new guidelines of the precautionary measures for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2
  • We have initiated the use of single use covers for massage bed.

Let’s all wish to enjoy the happy moments that our community and nature has to offer in a safe, hygienic, comfortable and beautiful environment.

Warm regards from the family of Enagron!

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Die traditionelle Ernährung der Kreter bildet heute eines der bekanntesten Beispiele einer vorbildlichen gesunden Ernährung, wie sich bei den veröffentlichten Ergebnissen vieler medizinischer Forschungen ergeben hat. Ihre positiven Eigenschaften sind in einer eigenen Broschüre angegeben, die unsere Gäste von uns erhalten. Zum besseren Kennenlernen dieser Ernährung, aber auch der traditionellen Gastronomie haben wir einen Tag mit speziellen Aktivitäten organisiert, eine kleine gastronomische Reise „der Erinnerung“ des kretischen Nahrungsvorbildes.

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Driving Directions

Bitte folgenden Sie bei der Anreise der Routen, die auf der Karte auf unserer Website eingezeichnet ist. Ein großer Teil der Strecke führt über eine alte kurvenreichen Landstraße. Wenn Sie von Chania kommen, fahren Sie auf der VOAK/E75/A90 nach Osten in Richtung RETHYMNON und dann weiter bis PANORMO (80 km/1Std.15Min.). Nehmen Sie die Ausfahrt nach PANORMO und fahren Sie nach Süden in Richtung PERAMA (5 km/8 Min.). Fahren Sie anschließend weiter in Richtung DAFNEDES (5,8 km/10 Min.), dann weiter nach GARAZO (5,8 km/10 Min.) und KATERIANA (5,6 km/9 Min.). Von KATERIANA fahren Sie nach Süden in Richtung AXOS. Nach 1,5 km biegen Sie 200 m vor der Ortseinfahrt links ab und folgen dem ausgeschilderten Weg zum Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Bei Anreise vom Flughafen Iraklio aus: Fahren Sie auf der VOAK/E75/A90 nach Westen in Richtung RETHYMNON. Biegen Sie nach 12 km (10 Min.) an der Ausfahrt GAZI/ANOGIA rechts ab. Fahren Sie nach Westen in Richtung TYLISOS (6,6 km/15 Min.), in Richtung GONIES (12 km/17 Min.) und weiter nach SISARCHA (4,6 km/ 17Min.). Fahren Sie weiter in dieselbe Richtung nach Anogia (2,7 km/6 Min.) und anschließend in Richtung AXOS (7,5 km/15 Min.). Nach der Ortseinfahrt folgen Sie dann dem ausgeschilderten Weg zum Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Kreta, Griechenland.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
  • Fax: +30 28340 61050
  • ΜΗΤΕ 1041Κ033Α0008501


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