Since Enagron was built and opened its doors to guests, we set as a priority this environment, as well as the activities that take place, to give our guests the enjoyment of coming closer to nature, culture, traditions of the society getting to knowing them deeper without any affectations and mentalities of commercial exploitation.

Enagron is part of the surrounding nature and area, harmonious with the area and the society, its aim is to offer the happiness of knowledge and creation to its guests as well as the enjoyment nature itself offers to all five human senses.

Based on the above, we proceeded with creating the new logo and sign that includes:

  •  Patterns of the myths and the history of the area
  •  A reference to nature's elements
  •  A reference to the first letter of Enagron that is also shared by the world-known prefix eco-, that symbolizes ecology and ecotourism, two terms that both fall within our subject-matter

The patters we adopted from history and myth is the SPIRAL and the LABYRINTH respectively, as they are represented during the MINOAN era, as well as the Gastropod relict, that is found in the area.

We also included natural elements, a tree and the head of a bull,
the letter e-, shared by Enagron and eco-.

Creating a synthesis of all the above, we designed an obscure approach that may be visualized with all those natural colours, and we finalised our new logo that we proudly present to you.

The steps for creating our new logo

More About Enagron Village

Here is a selection of our offers for a memorable stay.

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The traditional Cretan Diet is one of the best known examples of healthy nutritional models, as shown by many medical researches carried out until today. Its benefits are included in the special brochure given to our customers. For a better acquaintance with this diet but also with the traditional gastronomy, we organize a day activity, a short taste trip of "initiation" to the Cretan nutritional model.

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Driving Directions

Please during your arrival follow the proposed route as depicted by the map on our website. Notice that a big part of the route is on an old two lane road with a lot of turns. If you are coming from Chania head east via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON and continue until you reach PANORMO (80klms/1h15m). Follow the EXIT to PANORMO and direct south toward PERAMA (5klms/8min). Then move toward DAFNEDES (5.8klms/10min), continue to GARAZO (5.8klms/10min) and KATERIANA (5.6klms/9min). From KATERIANA continue further south toward AXOS. After 1.5klms and 200m before the entrance to the village turn left and follow the road to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

If you are coming from Heraklion Airport. Head west via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON. After 12 klms (10min) turn right to EXIT GAZI/ANOGIA. Move west toward TYLISOS (6.6klms/15min), direct toward GONIES (12klms/17min) and continue to SISARCHA (4.6klms/17min). Follow the same direction to Anogia (2.7klms/6min) and then head toward AXOS (7.5klms/15min). After your entrance to the village follow the sign to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Crete, Greece.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
  • Fax: +30 28340 61050
  • ΜΗΤΕ 1041Κ033Α0008501


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