Botanical Walk

Botanical Walk

This is a two-hour wandering across the vegetation of Enagron walking through a network of botanic paths. Together we discover how the greenery and paths of Crete have been linked with economy, mythology, religion and medicine from the ancient times until today. During our walk we can see, touch, smell and even taste different species of the plants that surround Enagron. At the end of the route we drink traditional herbal tea.


Traditional Bread and Cheese Making

Traditional Bread and Cheese Making

We invite you to learn through simple practical instructions how to make your own traditional bread and cheese.
Our cook, Stavroula, takes us on a journey into the past when every woman used to make the daily family bread by herself. First, she shows us how to knead and then how to bake homemade bread in the wood oven.
Then, when our shepherd’s sheep produce fresh milk, Stavroula shows us how to make our own local cheese, the only cheese that can be tasted fresh and hot.


Traditional Cretan Cooking Classes

Traditional Cretan Cooking Classes

Through simple practical lessons we learn how to prepare some basic dishes of the traditional Cretan diet.

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The traditional Cretan Diet is one of the best known examples of healthy nutritional models, as shown by many medical researches carried out until today. Its benefits are included in the special brochure given to our customers. For a better acquaintance with this diet but also with the traditional gastronomy, we organize a day activity, a short taste trip of "initiation" to the Cretan nutritional model.

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Driving Directions

Please during your arrival follow the proposed route as depicted by the map on our website. Notice that a big part of the route is on an old two lane road with a lot of turns. If you are coming from Chania head east via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON and continue until you reach PANORMO (80klms/1h15m). Follow the EXIT to PANORMO and direct south toward PERAMA (5klms/8min). Then move toward DAFNEDES (5.8klms/10min), continue to GARAZO (5.8klms/10min) and KATERIANA (5.6klms/9min). From KATERIANA continue further south toward AXOS. After 1.5klms and 200m before the entrance to the village turn left and follow the road to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

If you are coming from Heraklion Airport. Head west via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON. After 12 klms (10min) turn right to EXIT GAZI/ANOGIA. Move west toward TYLISOS (6.6klms/15min), direct toward GONIES (12klms/17min) and continue to SISARCHA (4.6klms/17min). Follow the same direction to Anogia (2.7klms/6min) and then head toward AXOS (7.5klms/15min). After your entrance to the village follow the sign to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Crete, Greece.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
  • Fax: +30 28340 61050
  • ΜΗΤΕ 1041Κ033Α0008501


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