Villages that lay around Enagron (Which you can visit on foot or by car). In all the villages you can find and buy weft-knitted made by the women of the villages and also other best quality products produced locally.

1.The village " Axos " you can go on foot or by car. 600 habitants inhabit the village. There are coffee-shops where you can sit, small market stores and taverns that are open mainly in the summer. The people are friendly and hospitable and will help you out with anything you will ask them for and they can.

There are 7 Byzantine churches about a thousand years old in the village. You can admire Saint Irene's architecture, the wonderful fresco wall paintings in Saint Ioannis , the exceptional temple at the Timios Stavros church, Saint George , the half destroyed church of Mihail Arhagelus , the also half-destroyed churches of Saint Paraskevi and Afentis Christos .

Not far from the village going towards Anogia is Panagia Kavousani which buildings have been reinstated and you can see odds and ends from the wonderful fresco wall paintings. The churches are not all open, for that you have to ask for the keys from the village pastor.

At the top of the hill there are the remains of ancient acropolis. " Andrion ", the temple of Aphrodite Astarti, Cyclopian walls and remains from a lot of buildings. There are also incised on huge stones segments from ancient writings, possibly laws.

The view from the top is illimitable.

2. Veni. It is the village west from ENAGRON , there is a 2 km pathway from where you can go by car through Axos covering a distance of 4 km with many agricultural products.

3. Zoniana (3,5 km). It is the village with the highest percentage of people having many children in Greece, its inhabitants mainly work for cattle-raising and conserve family traditions and social relations.

4. Anogia (7 km). The largest village in Psiloritis with strong traditions morals and customs and specialization in Cretan music. In Anogia village very many cultural exhibition take place especially in the summer.

5. Livadia (7 km). It is also a large village with special characteristics and live morals and traditional customs.

6. Garazo (8 km). A mainly agricultural village which in the past years had an important development.

7. Livada. A small agricultural built-up with special friendly feelings to the strangers and the visiting people.


Sentoni cave 1500 meters from Axos going to Zoniana . It is one of the most beautiful caves in Greece, with wonderful stalactites and stalagmites and imposing areas. There are also other smaller caves in the area.


1. The Monastery of Dioskouri which is northwest at a distance of 4 km

2. The Monastery of Halepa at the top of the hill opposite and to the north. There is a field road 2 km and you can go there by jeep or, for those who dare, on foot, down the Monastery 500 meters is the Agridia village.

3. The Monastery of Vosakos - historical monastery with special beauty and imposing presence.

You can visit the shepherds' huts in Psiloritis . You will be very lucky if you can attend the "SHEEP SHEARS" during the period May-June a special custom and an important exhibition for the shepherd. There are many social, cultural, and religious exhibitions that take place in all the villages around the area, where you can participate or attend very old customs at the traditional area of Crete.

You can find an exhibition list at the reception.

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The traditional Cretan Diet is one of the best known examples of healthy nutritional models, as shown by many medical researches carried out until today. Its benefits are included in the special brochure given to our customers. For a better acquaintance with this diet but also with the traditional gastronomy, we organize a day activity, a short taste trip of "initiation" to the Cretan nutritional model.

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Driving Directions

Please during your arrival follow the proposed route as depicted by the map on our website. Notice that a big part of the route is on an old two lane road with a lot of turns. If you are coming from Chania head east via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON and continue until you reach PANORMO (80klms/1h15m). Follow the EXIT to PANORMO and direct south toward PERAMA (5klms/8min). Then move toward DAFNEDES (5.8klms/10min), continue to GARAZO (5.8klms/10min) and KATERIANA (5.6klms/9min). From KATERIANA continue further south toward AXOS. After 1.5klms and 200m before the entrance to the village turn left and follow the road to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

If you are coming from Heraklion Airport. Head west via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON. After 12 klms (10min) turn right to EXIT GAZI/ANOGIA. Move west toward TYLISOS (6.6klms/15min), direct toward GONIES (12klms/17min) and continue to SISARCHA (4.6klms/17min). Follow the same direction to Anogia (2.7klms/6min) and then head toward AXOS (7.5klms/15min). After your entrance to the village follow the sign to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Crete, Greece.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
  • Fax: +30 28340 61050
  • ΜΗΤΕ 1041Κ033Α0008501


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