A. Stop Hohlidovrese (Snail-faucet): a natural spring with water all year round. The water is clear and drinkable; it is used to water the small nearby gardens and trees. In a short distance over the spring, there are ancient vaulted tombs called the Hellenic Houses.

B. Stop The Village of Axos

C. Stop Heading towards Rethimno, passing by the settlement Kounalos (2km from Axos), you can visit the Monastery of Diskouri, which is 1km away from Kounalos. It is a historical monastery, where the inhabitants of the region swore to the picture of St' George in order to solve their differences. The characteristic phrase of the oath was "Ni ma Ze kai amnogo sou, prama den katexo" which means "By Zeus yes, I swear that I don't know anything". People swore to the picture of St' George "by Zeus" that they didn't know anything, a custom possibly of ancient origins. Usually, those who knew something, but didn't want to speak, avoided going to the church, because tradition had it that the Saint was not joking when it came to lying. In the Monastery of Diskouri you can also see the old olive press that used to work and still works manually and with the help of animals.

D. Stop Return through Kounalos towards Veni, a small village where inhabitants occupy themselves with farming, and where you can find lovely fruits and vegetables. You can also see an old mill that was used to grind wheat and which worked with the help of water.

E. Stop In the direction of Enagron, taking the dirt road and at a distance of about 800m., you will come across a small church called Sts Apostles on the top of the hill. The church was built in the Byzantine times, and has been recently renovated. The view from there is amazing. Return to ENAGRON. Total distance of about 7 km., duration from 2 to 5 hours, or for as long as you want.

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Driving Directions

Please during your arrival follow the proposed route as depicted by the map on our website. Notice that a big part of the route is on an old two lane road with a lot of turns. If you are coming from Chania head east via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON and continue until you reach PANORMO (80klms/1h15m). Follow the EXIT to PANORMO and direct south toward PERAMA (5klms/8min). Then move toward DAFNEDES (5.8klms/10min), continue to GARAZO (5.8klms/10min) and KATERIANA (5.6klms/9min). From KATERIANA continue further south toward AXOS. After 1.5klms and 200m before the entrance to the village turn left and follow the road to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

If you are coming from Heraklion Airport. Head west via VOAK/E75/A90 toward RETHYMNON. After 12 klms (10min) turn right to EXIT GAZI/ANOGIA. Move west toward TYLISOS (6.6klms/15min), direct toward GONIES (12klms/17min) and continue to SISARCHA (4.6klms/17min). Follow the same direction to Anogia (2.7klms/6min) and then head toward AXOS (7.5klms/15min). After your entrance to the village follow the sign to Enagron Cretan Ecotourism Village.

Enagron Ecotourism Village

  • Axos Mylopotamou, 74051, Crete, Greece.
  • Tel: +30 28340 61611
  • Fax: +30 28340 61050
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